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997 GT3 Lower Control Arm Pair



With the 996 GT3 outer arms no longer available, we now provide the OEM two-piece Porsche 997 GT3 arms.  These outer arms can be paired up with any of our inner ends as well as our solid thrust arm bushings.  The OEM rubber thrust arm bushings shown are included.

  • Forged 997 GT3 design
  • Wheel base adjustability
  • Up to 2 deg. additional camber
  • Uses Porsche GT3 or Tarett camber shims

Arms sold in pairs for one axle, both sides, front or rear.  Includes OEM rubber thrust arm bushing and Tarett Rubber Ends.  Monoball inner ends shown are not included and can be ordered separately.  Fits all 996/986 front and rear, all 997/987 rear. For 997/987/991 front, and 981 front and rear.  Optional Litronic bracket, shims, and thrust arm adaptor options can be ordered separately.