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997 GT3 Mid Pipe

Shedding weight is one of the simplest ways to add performance to your Porsche.  Unfortunately, on the already slim GT3, this is rarely an inexpensive task.  BBI had this in mind when they looked at the stock exhaust mid pipe.  Sitting between the headers and the center muffler, the factory mid pipe weighs in at a hefty 22.8 pounds per side.  Fabricated from Stainless Steel, these hand crafted performance mid pipes were designed to be free flowing as well as light.  Tipping the scales at only 2 pounds each, the BBI mid pipe removes about 41 pounds and enhances the weight balance of the GT3. 
Warning: This modification is only for those who want their GT3 to sound like a GT cup car.  By this, we mean it will be LOUD, but in a good way.
* Fits all the 997.1 GT3 and 997.2 GT3
* 41 pounds lighter than stock!
* Increased torque (about 8 ft-lbs)
* Bolt on installation
* Stainless Steel construction
* Amazing sound!