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987 Cayman Roll Cage, Welded-in

SKU: LF1 C-Spec Cage
 LFI C-Spec Cage |  $3500
Porsche racers looking for the ultimate Cayman roll cage design look no further than the LFI C-SPEC Cage. This cage represents a zero compromise effort in cage design and construction that is even superior to the factory motorsport cage. All tubes are custom bent to achieve the tightest tolerances possible providing an optimum fit and maximized performance.
The "Base" C-SPEC cage is a 6 point configuration, constructed of 1.75" D.O.M C1020 steel tubing and is fully MIG welded. This cage is welded to the floors, shock towers and is stitch welded to the uni-body providing the ultimate in chassis rigidity and driver safety. This cage is equipped with a singe diagonal bar through the main hoop. The forward half of the cage features 2 front A-Pillar down bars overhead visor bar overhead diagonal roof bar, outward protruding driver's side X bar and straight non-protruding passenger x bar.
* Upgrade to 4130 Chromoly tube construction $695
* Upgrade to TIG welded cage $500
* Upgrade to LFI gusset package $595 (includes sheet metal door bars gussets (5) sheet metal a-pillars gussets (2) and upper cage tube gussets (4)
* Upgrade to FIA style front reinforcement bars $450
* Upgrade to LFI 8 point front shock tower tubes $300
* Upgrade to additional LFI knee bar (deletes factory dash bar) $150
As a distributor working closely with Lucas Fab Industries, Tarett Engineering is proud to be able to provide our customers with their complete welded in roll cages. Located in Huntington Beach California, LFI is a premier supplier of roll bars, roll cages, and exhaust systems. Pricing includes installation at the LFI shop.
Contact Tarett Engineering for additional information and to place an order.