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Billet Aluminum Valve Cover Set, 911/964/993

Stop leaking valve cover problems for good with these precision CNC machined billet aluminum covers.  A direct bolt on replacement for the problematic factory valve covers.
The 911 covers are designed to use the OEM 964 gaskets, which are far superior to the OEM 911 gaskets, and solve their sealing problems. The 993 & 964 covers use their respective OEM gaskets. Gaskets can be purchased separately here
The billet aluminum design also eliminates the warping, seeping, and cracking issues commonly seen with the OEM covers. 

This is the newest innovation in valve covers with multiple improvements over any other valve cover on the  market. All covers sets come in pairs, and the lower covers come complete with plug wire retainers and retainer hardware, where applicable.
Available for top or bottom of 911 single or twin plug, 964, & 993 engines.
  • Direct replacement for factory covers.
  • End valve cover leaks for good.
  • Attractive anodized finish for corrosion protection.
  • Plug wire retainers included with lower cover sets.