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Coil Over Kits & Springs, 944

Competition Coil Over Kit, 924/944/968

This is the ultimate coil over kit for your Porsche 924/944/968.  Complete with monoball top mounts and springs, this kit is complete with everything needed to bolt in to transform you handling.  Choose from single adjustable or dual or dual...

Swift Metric Coilover Springs

Description: Tarett Engineering is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Swift Springs. Swift Spring’s products are the flagship that made Swift a customary name in the world’s most famous racing series. Swift Springs have decreased unsprung...

Spring Spacer, 2.25" ID (pr)

Description: Spring spacers separates and centers tender / helper to main spring.

Spring Thrust Sheet Set, 2.25"

Description: An effective, low cost, highly reliable, and zero maintenance alternative to torrington bearings. The two ends of a compressing coil spring will rotate relative to each other.  Without a bearing surface allowing this rotation (or the steering motion on...