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Coil Over Kits, & Springs, 914

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Bilstein RSR Coil-Over Front Strut, Pair

  Description: These are the threaded body coil-over struts that were used on the factory RSR race-cars. The spindle is raised 19mm and reinforced to allow for lowering the car while still maintaining correct suspension geometry and fitting 15" wheels. Shock dampening is 100 compression and 220...

Strut Modification, Raise Spindle & Gusset

Description:  Raising the spindles on a 911 or 914 is the only way to properly lower the front of the car and retain the correct suspension geometry.  Since these cars are equipped with McPherson type front struts, Porsche designed the...

Competition Torsion Bars, 911 Series

Description: Tighten up your suspension with these high precision, competition torsion bars. Fabricated from aircraft grade chrome moly steel, and heat treated for high strength and reliability. Precision machined splined ends for a perfect fit. Center less ground and gun drilled...

Swift Metric Coilover Springs

Description: Tarett Engineering is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Swift Springs. Swift Spring’s products are the flagship that made Swift a customary name in the world’s most famous racing series. Swift Springs have decreased unsprung...

Front Coil Over Conversion Kit (Sleeves, Hats, & Collars) 911/914

Description:   This cost effective alternative, to buying threaded body struts, allows you to simply convert your current Bilstein struts to coil-overs for a fraction of the price.  Allows ride height to be adjusted with ease. 2.25" ID coil springs allow...

Rear Coil Over Kit, (Springs, Sleeves, Hats, & Collars) 914

Description: This kit allows you the suspension adjustment that had previously been reserved for pure race cars. More that just your typical collection of generic catalog parts to convert to adjustable coil-overs.  These parts are designed specifically to work together...

Upper Front Spring Seat w/Thrust Bearing, 2.25" ID (pr)

Description:   Upper spring hat features a proprietary design sealed thrust bearing which proves to be the cleanest solution in steering/spring rotation. Thrust bearing eliminates spring binding. For use with 2.25” ID coil springs.

Upper Front Spring Seat, 2.25" ID (pr)

Description: Use with front coil over suspensions on you Porsche 911. Designed for 2.25" I.D. springs.

Spring Spacer, 2.25" ID (pr)

Description: Spring spacers separates and centers tender / helper to main spring.

Spring Thrust Sheet Set, 2.25"

Description: An effective, low cost, highly reliable, and zero maintenance alternative to torrington bearings. The two ends of a compressing coil spring will rotate relative to each other.  Without a bearing surface allowing this rotation (or the steering motion on...

Brake Line Support (pr.)

Description: Stainless steel clamp secures support to strut housing and provides sturdy mounting of brake flex line to hard line junction. Highly recommended for use on coil over struts.  

Remote Reservoir Mount Set

Description: These reservoir mounts are the perfect solution for securely mounting your coil-overs remote reservoirs. No more zip-ties or hose-clamps! Made of CNC machined 6061 aluminum with a carbon-fiber/nylon 3D printed adapter Stainless steel metric hardware Designed to be mounted to...

Showing 1-12 of 13 items