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Bladed Sway Bar Controller

Description: Bladed sway bar controller that can be mounted anywhere in the cockpit.  Used to adjust bladed swaybar stiffness on the fly. Instructions: 997/987 Front 986/987 Rear

Swaybar Controller, Mounting Kit

Description: This kit is designed to mount the Bladed Bar Controller conveniently next to the shifter. It includes a bracket, spacers, and all necessary mounting hardware.  Made from 1/8” thick aluminum, the bracket has an attractive, black, brushed, anodized finish.  Complete...

Bladed Swaybar Cable Kit

Description: This kit includes everything needed to connect our Bladed Bar Controller to our Bladed Swaybar Kits.  Each kit includes one push/pull cable, one lever to connect the cable to the blade, two cable rod ends, one cable mounting bracket, and...