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Jongbloed Racing Wheels



Jongbloed Racing Wheels are made of ultra-high performance forged 6061-T6.

They are designed to make your car faster by being stronger, lighter, and cooler than other wheels.  Jongbloed uses superior design, forging, and machining to give you a stronger wheel.  They also use the latest design software  and methods to optimize weight without compromising strength and durability.

In addition to making the wheels lighter and stronger, the design not only improves your cars performance by reducing drag and lift caused by other wheels, but also helps to cool your brakes by redirecting the air flow.

"It’s a mechanical fact—lighter wheels, which promote brake cooling and produce positive aerodynamic effects, help racecars race faster. And they’ve got the durability to hold up under some serious abuse."

Centers can be anodized any color for a small, additional fee.  Set contains four wheels.  Please allow up to four weeks for delivery as all wheels are made custom to order.

Contact Tarett for pricing.