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Lug Nuts, 2-Piece Floating Collar

Designed and manufactured by Core4 Motorsports, these lug nuts are engineered to be the best lug nuts on the market for doing the single most important thing a lug nut should do.  Provide accurate and consistent loading on the wheel studs.

Manufactured in the USA from hardened USA alloy steel, the unique floating collar design removes aluminum (wheel nut seat) from the friction equation when turning/tightening the lug nut  Aluminum galls easily and reduces the effective torque and required tension on the stud, and coated lug nuts can wear off over time.

By eliminating the detrimental effect of aluminum galling and coating wear on stud preload (see chart), the 2-piece nut design can generate optimal stud tension/preload from the 1st time you tighten them when new, to the 30th+ time, without lubrication anywhere on the threads or nut seat. Note that this is the same design that Porsche uses on their lug bolts.  No other lug nut achieves this, regardless of coating type. Long term tension consistency = long term safety and long stud life.

The 2-piece design also reduces static bending strain on the studs from possible manufacturing tolerance stack up between the wheel and hub by allowing some float on the nut seats. If the seats of the wheel aren't perfectly concentric and aligned with the wheel hub stud/bolt circle, 1 or more wheel studs are always subjected to static bending strain once tightened. This is a significant reason why there aren't tapered seat wheels on larger bolt circle and higher count bolt/stud heavy vehicle applications.

Recommended Torque:  125 ft-lbs 

Sold as each, 20 required per car.

  • Unparalleled torque-tension performance and consistency over the lifetime of the lug nut

  • More stud tension consistency = minimized early fatigue failure of wheel studs

  • USA alloy steel, and manufactured in the USA

  • 160,000+ psi tensile strength (35+ Rc hardness) for extra durability, longevity, and proper match with class 12.9 wheel studs (OEM is 10.9) 

  • Large lead-in beveled edge for cross thread proof quick tightening

  • MIL-SPEC high performance, high visibility cadmium plating 

*wheel studs required, purchased separately*