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901 Billet Side Plate

SKU: CMS-901-x


At last, a strengthened side plate for the early aluminum case transmissions!  The early plate fits all vintage Porsche 911 and 912 short wheel base cars 65-68 (some early 69) with the early aluminum transmission case.  With the ever so increasing power of today’s race engines and the stick of today’s tires you are starting to put some serious stress on your original cast side cover, especially under track conditions.  As the side cover acts as a thrust plate, under load there can be a tremendous force applied to it, and it can break sometimes causing damage the ring and pinion-or worse.  Upgrading to a billet side plate will add significant strength and reliability to the differential section.

  • Precision machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum to exacting standards for perfect fit and function
  • Oil passageway for standard taper roller bearing
  • Removable billet clutch cable bracket
  • Uses rubber o-ring instead of paper gasket

 note: The mag case cover uses the larger 930 tapered bearing #999.059.064.00 (sold separately)