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Boxster Caliper To 911 Adaptor Kits



Boxster brake conversions for 65-89 911, 912, and 914 are a proven path to better braking. This section provides ordering and information on the calipers alone.

Complete Boxster brake upgrade packages including these adaptors are available here…

Boxster brake conversions provide enhanced pedal feel, making it easier to modulate braking. This improves control and ability to feather the pedal when threshold braking. Enhancements over original 911/912/914 calipers -The 4 piston monoblock design provides an impressive visual update, and delivers meaningful performance enhancements over stock 911/912/914 brake setups.

The staggered-size piston design provides even pad wear. It accommodates a much larger pad area than “A” and “M” type 911 calipers. The large pad delivers longer pad life and lower point temperatures since the pad/rotor contact is distributed over a larger area.

Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, Boxster calipers are a monoblock design. This makes them stiff, with very little flex under pressure – eliminating the spongy pedal feel associated with more flexible designs.

Boxster calipers are paired with standard 84-89 24mm wide front and 20mm rear rotors. These provide enhanced thermal capacity compared with pre-84 911/912/914 rotors.

Our Boxster caliper upgrade packages retain the parking brake functionality, and even fit under 15 inch wheels without issue.

Fitment and Compatibility

Front and rear kits are for use with ’97-’04 986 Boxster calipers (non-S type).

The front adapter kits are for struts that have 3.5 inch bolt spacing and bolt directly to front struts as equipped on all 911 cars from ‘77-’89 and 911S models from ’69-’76. Pre-‘77 front struts equipped on 912, 914 and non-S 911 have 3.0 caliper bolt spacing and can convert to use 3.5 inch 911 type struts, contact us for details. If your car is pre-’77 measure your front caliper bolt spacing to confirm the distance center-to-center, many cars have had later 3.5 inch struts retrofit.

The rear adapter kits are available with 3.0 bolt spacing for direct fitment to 911, 912, & 914 trailing arms from ’69-’89 including aluminum and steel trailing arms. Rear adapter kits are also available with 2.25 inch bolt spacing for direct fitment on ’65-’68 short wheelbase trailing arms.

Both steel and aluminum trailing arms are supported. Aluminum trailing arms require the removal of heat shield mounting ears for fitment.

Front kits are for use with standard type ’84-’89 911 rotors 911-351-041-23.

Rear kits for ’69-’89 are for use with standard type ’84-’89 911 rotors part 911-352-041-08. Rear kits for ’65-’68 use standard type ’97-’04 996 rear rotors 996-352-401-05 and 911 brake shoes 911-352-097-10.