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991/992 C2/C4 Rear Suspension Upgrade Kit


This rear suspension upgrade kit contains precision adjustable control arms and monoballs that are direct replacements for the factory arms. The arms are fully adjustable in length for an increased range of camber adjustability and alignment fine tuning. The Precision Teflon lined spherical rod ends and monoballs replace the compliant factory rubber bushings for improved suspension response and feedback. Camber and toe changes associated with hard cornering and decelerating are significantly reduced. The results are improved stability and control, and faster lap times. The adjusting links have a left and right hand thread on each end. Rotating the link will precisely increase or decrease the overall length of the arm. Links can be purchased individually or as the complete kit.  Rod end boots are available to seal out any dirt and moisture that get in contact with the links.  Fits all 991/992 C2/C4.
  • Increased camber adjustment
  • Reduced camber and toe changes
  • Improved stability and control
  • Install the complete kit, or just desired items
note: Kit can be configured to include either our complete Adjustable Rear LCA, or the monoball inboard end for the OEM LCA, as seen in the two links.  The default on the list is with the complete Adjustable Rear LCA .
Rear wheel carrier monoball shown here.
991/992 C2/C4 Rear Suspension Upgrade Kit