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991/992 GT3 Rear Lower Control Arm Shims (ea)



For adjusting camber & lower control arm length.  5mm provides about 1 degree of additional negative camber.

Now available and reasonably priced in the following sizes:

* 1mm

* 2mm

* 4mm

* 6mm

All 991/992 GT3's come equipped stock with 4mm shims in the rear and have about -1.5 degrees of camber at stock ride height.  There is room for up to 10mm of more shims.

Note: Shims are sold individually, but usually used in pairs. If you need a pair of any particular size, be sure to change the quantity to two.  This application will ONLY work on the REAR of a 991/992.  For FRONT shims, please refer to 996/997 GT3 LCA Shims.