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991/992 Solid Toe Steer Kit (pr)

SKU: 991.006.SHORT x2
For full track use, Porsche built their 991 Cup cars with a solid link in place of the rear toe steer mechanism that comes on the 991 GT3 and 991 Turbo cars. Now available is this adjustable link, like what Porsche uses on their race cars.
  • Motorsport solid link design:  Same as what Porsche uses on the 991 Cup cars.
  • Simple and direct replacement: A bolt in replacement for the OEM GT3 & Turbo toe steering mechanism.  Also replaces the 991 C2 toe link.
  • Eliminates soft rubber bushings:  Precision grade three piece rod ends replace the sloppy rubber bushings.
  • Eliminates motor overheating:  Replaces the toe steer motor that is prone to overheating with hard track use.
  • Fits all Porsche 991/992