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Adaptor Spacer Upgrade Kit

SKU: LCASPCR-01 x4.upgrade
This adapter spacer is required when converting to the two-piece front control arms on your 997/987/981/991. They take up the extra space between the tension link fork and the thrust arm bushing on the LCA.
Four required per car, sold as a set of 4.

Due to a redesign by Porsche of the front tension/compression link used on most 718 and some 991.2 models, we have heard there is now a risk of said link breaking under very heavy track use and/or very hard braking conditions. Our records indicate that you may have purchased thrust arm bushing adapter spacers from us for use on said models, or other models possibly using the newer link. While using our adjustable solid thrust arm bushing in combination with this new OEM link will only very slightly increase the stress on the new link, out of an abundance of caution we have upgraded our adaptor spacer design to redistribute the loading, effectively eliminating any stress added to the link by the bushing.  The newly redesigned spacers (rev B) measure 1.480" in diameter, while the original spacers (rev A) measure 1.240". Replacing the spacers is quick and easy, and does not require realignment of the vehicle.

If your car has the 2018 or later OEM Porsche front tension/compression link (pictured below) , and you are subjecting it to heavy track use and/or hard braking conditions, we highly recommend replacing the said tension/compression link with a stronger aftermarket or stronger earlier OEM version, regardless of the bushings or spacers or bushings being used. 

If you are a dealer or installer, please make sure to pass this information along to your clients as appropriate.

To qualify for, and determine the need for this upgrade, you must have the following combination of parts:

  • The post 2018 front tension links shown in the picture above.  They were the OEM front links that came on most of the 718 models and some of the 991.2 models.
  • Tarett solid adjustable thrust arm front bushings.
  • Tarett Rev A (1.240" OD) adaptor spacers.  These would likely have been purchased between 1/1/18 to 7/1/23.

All other combinations of bushings, spacers, and links are not effected by this issue as far as we know, and do not qualify for or need the upgrade or any changes.

Upgraded parts can be ordered through the website, and are free of charge to anyone that qualifies, including free shipping. 

Please email any questions to Adaptor Spacer Upgrade Questions .