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Axle Spacer Kit, Front 10mm, 996TT, 997TT, 991TT, & 992TT

Finally a solution that allows you to safely increase front camber, with GT3 LCA shims, but without the risk of damaging the transmission or front axles on your Porsche Turbo or C4.  As you add shims to your front LCA's, you move the CV joints closer to and beyond their safe range of motion, risking failure and expensive damage.  These 10mm thick precision spacers, used with 16mm of LCA shims will provide an additional -1.7 deg. of camber, while maintaining the factory CV joint and axle relationship.  The spacer design includes a concentric lip that positively and accurately locates it to the CV joint for perfect balance and no vibration.  Each kit includes two spacers and all the needed hardware in high class 10.9 grade.  For all 996TT, 997TT, 991TT & C4, 992TT.