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Billet 2.0 Qt 718 4 Cyl Deep Sump Oil Pan

SKU: 106-00.13

The ideal engine oil temperature for a modern water cooled engine is 220-225F. Track use can bump that to over 300F. The Billet (not cast) 2 QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit inc. pickup tube extension for 2016 and later four cylinder 982/718 Boxster and Cayman models with the MA2.20 or MA2.22 engine lowers oil temperatures on track up to 40 degrees F.

Tatum Racing was the first to run the BRS 2 QT deep sump on one of their 718 race cars. Where they would regularly see the car get hot enough to go into limp mode on track, the additional 2 quarts of capacity dropped oil temps enough to solve this troubling problem for good. It is a must for every street and track car.

Note: Includes oil pickup extension; designed to work with the factory oil baffle (not included).

718 GTS/GT4/Boxster Spyder models with the 4.0 liter engine (with plastic sump pan 9A2 107 309 00) use part number 106-00.12 designed for the 9A2.

Only adds about 1" to the OEM pan depth.