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Bilstein RSR Coil Over Kit, Porsche 911


Description:  Upgrade your 911 suspension with the same struts and shocks that Porsche used on the factory RSR race cars!  The strut spindles are gusseted and raised 19mm to correct suspension geometry on lowered cars.

Each kit comes complete with:

  • 2 Front RSR Coil Over Strut Assemblies
  • 2 Rear RSR Coil Over Shock Assemblies
  • 2 Front Main Springs (Custom Linear Rates)
  • 2 Rear Main Springs (Custom Linear Rates)
  • 4 Tender Springs (not shown)
  • 2 Upper Front Spring Hats 
  • 2 Upper Rear Spring Hats
  • 4 Thrust Bearings
  • 4 Lower Spring Seats
  • 4 Main/Tender Spring Spacers

Front damping rate is 100 compression & 220 rebound.  Rear damping is 180 compression & 170 rebound.

Contact Tarett with your choice of spring rates.  Front camber plates shown are available separately.