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996/997 Bolt In Roll Bar

SKU: CM-996RB-x
  • Built from 4130 Chrome Moly 1.75” OD x .120 tubing.
  • Fixture welded (a jig is already made, so a car isn't needed for us to build it!).
  • TIG welded for ample weld penetration and overall strength.
  • ¼” thick mounting brackets for added strength and rigidity.
  • Rear points mount to vehicle shock towers; not rear seat belt mounts like other brands. When a bolt-in bar is mounted to seat belt mounts, under an impact or roll over situation your safety is greatly sacrificed due to the tendency to sheer off the mount point. Safety is our number one concern which has led us to mounting to the shock towers.
  • A true bolt-in roll bar; not just a harness bar which will provide no safety other than a place to mount your belts.
  • Compatible with the Bose sub-woofers.
  • Fitment is superior to any other manufacturers. It follows the contour of the roof and side of the vehicle
  • Complete with high grade mounting hardware.
  • Works with factory seats although racing seats are recommended.
  • Powder coating semi-gloss black paint is included.  Roll bar can be professionally painted any OEM color for an additional cost.
  • Flat rate shipping fee of $450 for ground domestic shipping will be added to the price when we process the order.  Please inquire for international shipping.