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Front Tie Rod w/Bump Steer (pr), 964 One Piece

SKU: 964.008.CLEVIS.PR


This competition tie rod is the ultimate design for your narrow body Porsche 964.  In addition to additional toe adjustment, it will also allow you to correct bump steer more than any other tie rod on the market.  The one-piece design eliminates the spongy rubber OEM inner tie rod.

The unique design both lowers the tie rod attachment point at the wheel carrier and uses the OEM clevis to raise it at the steering rack to maximize the total correction.  Other designs only correct at the wheel carrier, which is limited and not as significant.

A precision Teflon lined spherical rod end is used for smooth operation and long life.

The kit comes complete as shown. One kit needed per car.  Shown with optional dust boot adaptor to accommodate the OEM dust boot.

  • Maximum bump correction
  • Increased toe adjustment
  • Eliminates the OEM rubber inner tie rod
  • Precision Teflon lined spherical rod ends