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Coolant Pipe Kit, 996/997

SKU: bbi.996.105.0001


Coolant pipe failure is an inevitable problem with the Porsche GT1-block equipped models (GT3, GT2, Turbo). Bonded together by adhesives, the factory pipes will eventually leak or abruptly fail. As the best preventative fix and solution for this problem, BBi Autosport offers replacement billet aluminum coolant pipes to be permanently welded or pinned. Compared to the factory fittings, these replacement billet fittings offer superior metallurgy to allow stronger, higher quality welds.
Installation service: Send us your manifolds and we'll remove the old fittings, clean the manifolds, weld in the new fittings, and pressure test the assembly. Choose to add installation above, and we'll contact you with the address to send your manifolds to.