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Cup-Series Control Arm Kit, 992 Front

SKU: LCA-xxx-992F-x


Introducing the Cup-Series lower control arms for your Porsche 992 front suspension. With all the benefits of our Cup-Series arms for the earlier models, but reengineered to fit on the front of the 992 .
For safety, the problematic 12mm ball joint design, used on the OEM arms, has been completely redesigned for a fool proof, larger, significantly stronger and more reliable design that you can count on. The ball joint consists of a replaceable over sized precision grade Teflon lined monoball bushing.  High misalignment bushings provide safe and bind free operation at any ride height.
For The Race Spec (shown), solid thrust arm bushings and sealed monoball inner ends are used to eliminate the spongy rubber OEM bushings and provide a precision ride for improved feedback, steering response, and overall handling. Both are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and are anodized red for a corrosion resistant and attractive finish. The solid thrust arm bushing is adjustable for increasing  or decreasing wheelbase and adjustable caster.
For The Rubber Spec, both the LCA end and thrust arm bushings are heavy duty rubber.  Like the Porsche GT3 arms, the thrust arm bushings have two caster adjustment holes.
Camber and track width can be accurately and repeatedly adjusted with precision GT3 style shims. A competition proven design that allows for up to 20mm of adjustment per side and up to an additional 2 degrees of negative camber by adding optional shims.
The main housing is CAD designed and machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for optimized strength and weight. It's hard anodized for a highly durable corrosion resistant finish. The unique rib design allows for easy access to the inner arm hardware.
  • No-compromise design
  • Wheel base adjustability
  • Up to 2 deg. additional camber
  • Uses early GT3 or Tarett precision shims
  • 6061-T6 construction
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Sealed monoball inner ends (for the race spec)
  • Easy hardware access
  • Superior quality, performance and strength
  • Compatible with OEM LCA spoiler and Litronic bracket
Each kit comes complete for the front axle.  Fits 992 C2/C4 and Turbo front (not GT3). 

Ball Joint Design:
See the two different OEM ball joint designs below to make the appropriate selection above.  Both Arm designs come with new ball joint bolts/studs.  The "Late Style" design reuses the existing 14mm nut/washer.  The "Early Style" design comes with a new 14mm nut

The "Late Style" and "Early Style" are noninterchangeable.