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Drop Link (pr), Front, 993/964 all C2



Upgrade your stock or adjustable front swaybar with this simple bolt in replacement for the factory drop links. Left and right hand threaded rod ends allow for simple length adjustment to eliminate swaybar preload. Correctly sized, precision Teflon lined rod ends for long life, smooth operation, and high reliability. Eliminates the factory compliant plastic drop link bushings that deflect under loading and quick wear out. High misalignment, stainless steel spacers allow for superior blind free operation and corrosion resistance. Precisely connects the swaybar to the front strut assembly for improved feedback and swaybar response. Overall length is adjustable to accommodate either stock or adjustable swaybar requirements. Now available, rod end boots to seal out dirt and moisture. Requires 2 each of L-Boots and 2 each of S-Boots. Fits all C2 964/993.  

For standard front uprights, use #993C2FDLNK (Shown in red above). For RS or Evo uprights, use 993C2FDLNK-R (plated gray).

Available with rod end boots.  Requires x2 small and x2 large size.

Note: Due to front axle restrictions on C4's, these drop links will not work on this application.  Will only work with C2's.

Instructions For General Drop Link Setup