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Swaybar & Drop Link Kit, Front, 924/944/968 (1983-95)



The light-weight hollow sway bars are half the weight of a solid bar with the same stiffness. They are fabricated from aircraft-quality 4130 chrome moly alloy steel and heat treated to maximize strength and reliability. The front bar stiffness is equivalent to a 28mm solid bar and the rear is equivalent to a 22mm solid bar but with only half the weight.

Bearing blocks, drop links, and swaybar arms are CNC machined from aircraft-quality 6061-T6 aluminum for its high strength/weight ratio.

Fully adjustable front and rear drop links to eliminate suspension preload.

Correctly sized, precision, Teflon-lined rod-ends for smooth and quiet operation, long life, and high reliability. No wear and rattling problems, like those seen with other designs, due to undersized or low quality rod ends.

All necessary hardware is provided in zinc plated metric class 8.8

The adjustable drop-link arm connection design provides an infinitely adjustable swaybar stiffness rate and makes it quick and easy to fine-tune your car's handling for various track conditions and driving styles.

Thermoplastic bushings impregnated with Teflon and reinforced with Kevlar provide smooth operation, long life, and high resistance to deflecting under heavy loading.

Proper kinematics for bind free operation throughout the entire suspension range of travel.

Our standard kit now has a universal connecting bracket that fits all Porsche aluminum front control arms and all aftermarket arms.  Now also available is an adaptor bracket that allows for the use to the factory steel arms.  See safety note below.

All components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the finest and most reliable swaybar on the market.

SAFETY NOTE:  The factory 944 front control arms made before 1987 are known to fail catastrophically, even under street driving conditions.  Porsche redesigned them in 1987 to resolve the problem.  Using the earlier arms in competition and/or with other competition components will likely increase the stress on them and further increase the chances of their failure.   We highly recommend either replacing them with a reliable aftermarket design, or having them properly reinforced, or inspecting them for cracks before EVERY race session.

Assembly Diagram: OEM Steel Arms
Assembly Diagram: After Market Alloy Arms