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Front Tie Rod (pr), Motorsport Style

SKU: #991.008.CLAMPx


Tarett Engineering is proud to be able to provide these new Motorsport style tie rods.  Inspired by the Porsche Motorsport design. This no compromise design is hands down the best tie rod kit on the market. 

* Pinch Style Locking Design:  Provides easy alignment compared to the typical jamb nut designs that tend to shift when you lock them down.  Several tedious iterations are usually needed to get it right.  The pinch style design allows you to simply set toe and lock it down with no shifting and resetting required.  It also allows for a significantly increased adjustment range.

* Bump Steer Optimized & Adjustable:  The attachment to the wheel carrier is raised more than any other kit on the market, thus maximizing bumpsteer reduction.  Spacers can be added as needed to adjust bump steer, but most applications require raising the attachment point to reduce bumpsteer.

* High Quality Rod Ends:  Precision grade 3-piece Teflon lined spherical rod ends replace the compliant factory rubber bushing for improved suspension response and feedback, and also reduces toe changes under acceleration and deceleration.  The result is improved rear end stability and control.  The rod ends are oversized for high strength and long life, and have a fine thread for more precise adjustability.  The Teflon liner is self-lubricating for smooth and quiet operation, and long life.

* Extended Length Optional:  Provides safe tie rod thread engagement on the 991 and 981 running a total of 12mm or more front LCA shims.

Sold as a pair.  One pair required per car.  Fits all Porsche 986/996/987/997/981/718 models.

note:  Tighten M6 locking screw to 3-4 ft-lbs.