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Fully Adjustable Gas Pedal



This fully adjustable gas pedal system is an industry first, and finally solves the problem of the weak and unstable throttle assembly found on the late model water cooled cars. The factory plastic assemblies are notorious for hinge and housing failure due to its flimsy construction that was designed strictly for street use. Porsche replaced these assembles on their race cars with a true metal to metal mount system, and now you can too.

This fully adjustable pedal is a very unique system that gives you that true metal to metal mount, yet retains all your necessary electronics or cables.  Additionally, the pedal can be adjusted in any direction, not only for height and depth, but also laterally and angularly, as well as width-wise using the supplied throttle extensions. You'll never again have to struggle to heel-and-toe, or be towed into the paddock due to a pedal failure.

  • All billet aluminum and 300 series stainless steel construction and compensates
  • Eliminates factory plastic hinge and mount that are notorious to fatigue and failure
  • Integrated hinge incorporates bronze bearings impregnated with 19% SAE 30 oil
  • Dramatically improves heel and toe driving by allowing for individual driver ergonomic adjustments
  • Spherical rod end and stainless steel linkage that utilizes OEM cable cams (996/986)
  • Precision machined socket that accepts factory potentiometer arm (987/997/991/981/Pano)
  • Removable throttle extensions
  • Pedal covers are silver with red extensions
  • Rubber grips are removable to give you a smooth pedal surface if desired