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Front Girodisc 2-Piece Floating Brake Rotors

SKU: #GD-xxxx
We are proud to announce that Tarett Engineering is a dealer for GiroDisc Two piece floating Brake rotors! GiroDisc is a leading brake technology company that is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality brake components and brake systems. GiroDisc products are designed and engineered for both street and track applications with a comprehensive product line of two-piece floating rotor kits that are designed to be a direct replacement for the factory rotors. The two piece floating rotor will improve braking performance, reduce unsprung weight and utilizes the factory calipers and e-brake.
Unlike many "big brake" packages on the market, GiroDisc rotors also retain the factory  brake bias and have improved pedal modulation and feel. High quality construction and design, and premium grade material provide improved were, increases rotor life, minimized coning and greater cooling efficiency. GiroDisc rotors come slotted which prevents containments from collecting between the pad and disc interface. The rotor is cadmium plated for corrosion protection, and incorporates a curved vane design, developed in racing to act as a centrifugal pump to force cooling air through the disc. The lightweight aluminum center hat reduces overall weight by 4 to 8 lbs. per rotor. The larger than stock disc size is accommodated with precision adapters and longer bolts to re position the calipers as needed. Special spring loaded pins precisely locate the disc to the hat, and allow for thermal expansion and smooth operation, but eliminate the rattling and noise associated with other floating rotor designs. Each kit comes with either a front or rear pair of discs, hats, adapters, hardware and pins for a complete bolt on solution.
  • Larger than stock rotor size
  • Reduced inertia and unsprung weight 
  • Improved cooling efficiency
  • Increased rotor life 
  • Greater breaking performance
  • Competition tested and improved 
  • Complete bolt in replacement 
  • Made in the USA