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JRZ Spec Cayman (SPC) Coil Over Kit

SKU: 10S 001 987 SP 00


This is the official SPC coil over kit, including the official springs and top mounts.


Using JRZ's race winning technology, the RS series is designed for the performance enthusiast, and is suitable for both street and track.  Now in single tube design!


They are single adjustable with  24 position rebound settings.  Each adjustment makes a significant change in the damper’s characteristics, allowing the car to be tuned exactly to your preference.


Each damper is tested and matched on the dyno.  All JRZ dampers are made with the highest quality aerospace materials and manufactured to the highest standards.


Each kit comes complete with:

  • 2 Front Single Adjustable RS One Damper Assemblies
  • 2 Rear Single Adjustable RS One Damper Assemblies
  • 2 Front 700 lb. Rate Main Springs
  • 2 Rear 800 lb. Rate Main Springs
  • 4 Tender Springs
  • 4 Upper Spring Hats
  • 4 Lower Spring Seats
  • 4 Main/Tender Spring Spacers
  • 2 Front Monoball Camber Plates
  • 2 Rear Monoball Top Mounts
Part #10S 001 987 SP 00
*The price shown includes the $300 charge for VAT (import tax), normally added on JRZ kits. 
This kit is discounted specifically for Spec Cayman class builds only, which is only available with the purchase of a SPC suspension kit for a SPC car.  The regular (non SPC) price is $5,395 for the complete kit including VAT, top mounts and springs.