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Soul Performance Porsche 986 Boxster Spec Race Exhaust

Upgrade your 986 Spec Boxster with a properly engineered, race bred system built around maximum durability, lightness, and performance.
+ Fits all Porsche 986 Boxster vehicles with manual transmission (1997-2004)
+ Weighs 24.8 lbs/ 11.2 kg less than factory exhaust components (14.7 lbs. vs 39.5 lbs)
+ Backed by a lifetime warranty for both street and track use
Built to be one of the most durable systems possible while being cost effective and minding weight. A lack of resonance damping in a 986 exhaust system for competition use can cause metal fatigue in the factory headers, resulting in cracking. Adjustable brackets mount the exhaust to the transmission to match movement of the drivetrain to the exhaust opposed to hard mounting to the body.  Silicone dampers are also included as part of the brackets to help absorb vibrations. Clamps are not welded to the piping to prevent fatigue and provide easy/efficient replacement- the only welds in the entire system are in the flanges to the headers and every weld is back purged for maximum weld strength and durability. The brackets are adjustable for the best possible fitment and the rear pipes are easily replaced in the event of collision damage. 2" straight piping keeps exhaust velocity high and weight down. Sound attenuating components like resonators are decidedly absent to reduce weight and complexity as PCA Club Races are not hosted on sound limited days. Should decibel limits be considered for other competition series or HPDE events on sound restricted tracks, alternative solutions can be used.  The end result is a race bred system that will hold up to the stresses of racing and last until you podium- and beyond.