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Semi-Solid 911 Eng/Trans Mount (ea)



The WEVO SS Engine Mount is designed to offer virtually the same locating advantages of a solid engine mount – without the metal to metal contact between the chassis and the engine.

The SS Engine Mount comprises of 5 components. The design of the components ensures that at rest, or idle, the engine is firmly located, but free to vibrate against the elastomeric pillows isolating the engine mount inner and outer components. When the engine reacts to torque, the components deflect slightly and the spring rate of the isolators is progressively increased, improving the location of the engine and transmission under more stressful conditions. The design is such that metal to metal contact is always avoided, so potentially harmful misalignment forces and vibrations are managed in a manner more similar to the original factory rubber mounts.

The SS Engine Mounts are installed using the original hardware and have a gold anodized finish similar in appearance to the gold zinc plated factory parts.
For 72-86 915 transmission (not 930), and all 66-89 engine mounts.
"Sold as each - Two mounts required per car"