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Semi-Solid 914 Trans Mount (ea)



This mount is designed specifically for the transmission mount duty on the 914, the body design is NOT the same as the 911 engine mount (O.E. or WEVO) - often substituted - the 914 transmission mount is a unique hanging design, our body component is designed to suit.

The slotted holes allow for easy "pre-load free" installation, or to accommodate your distorted mounts where 911 engine mounts have previously been bolted up.  Aluminum, Urethane and Stainless steel construction. The elastomer pillows and their configuration is shared with the successful WEVO SS Engine Mount that has been a big seller with the 911 crowd. Silver only.

The WEVO SS 914 Transmission Mounts is suited for the following application(s):
      Model       Year(s)           Application          Quantity        Required
    914         1970-1976      Transmission         Mounts           2    
Technical Note: The M12 bolt through the Engine or Transmission mount should be tightened to 40 ft/lbs or 55 Nm. The M12 Schnorr (serrated) washer should be installed directly under the head of the M12 bolt. The M8 hardware should be tightened to 18 ft/lbs or 25 Nm using the original arrangement of washer and nut.