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Shift Knob & Extender For Porsche 964/993



Everyone loves a more precise shifting experience, but we also know the much shorter and tighter throws are not for everyone, so we designed a way to get the best of both worlds. Our Shift Knob and Extender piece for our G-Body Shifter give the driver all the power. It was also perfectly calculated to be bigger than stock to give a better feel and fit nicely in the palm of your hand. It is offered in matte and gloss surface finishes & multiple different color shift patterns. It also comes with two extender pieces, so no need to decide without having tried both of them. A 2.25-inch extension for the ones who want a little less tension and longer throws, as well as a 0.5-inch extender for the ones who want that short and tight feel. These pieces easily thread onto our lever in seconds to make switching in between quick and easy.

Our Shift knob is made of black Delrin. Delrin is an extremely durable thermoplastic that will hold up to both street and track use and is naturally weighted for a solid shifting feel compared to the stock lightweight shift knobs. Our shift knob weighs 126g/4.4oz as compared to stock’s 30g/1oz. It also DOES NOT conduct heat like aluminum, so they are always comfortable even on a hot summer day or peak winter.