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Suspension Package Designer

Want to upgrade your suspension, but wondering which components to use?  From Hot Street to Pro-Race, we can help take the guess work out with our suspension package designer.  Choose between the four predetermined kits below.  Use them as is, or customize them to match your unique application.
As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.  We'll be happy to help advise and guide you through the process of putting together a winning suspension kit that will perfectly fill your specific requirements.
Performance Level Choices
Hot Street & DE Kit:  For spirited canyon carving, DE use, and some track use.  Reduced body roll, faster response, adjustable handling, and a blast to drive.
Club-Sport "A" Kit:  For the street driven club racer.  Drive your car to DE events and time attacks or club races, race it, and drive it home.  Because many of the rubber bushings are retained, this track worthy suspension is still comfortable enough for use on the street.  Similar to, but more performance oriented than a Spec Boxster or GT3 suspension.  Best used with R-compound tires.
Club-Sport "B" Kit:  A competent club racing/semi pro suspension.  Extremely responsive, and will provide all the camber, precision, adjustability, and performance needed for the serious racer to win.  Suitable for some weekend street driving, but mostly track use, as all the rubber bushings are replaced with precision monoballs.  Best combined with R-compound tires or racing slicks.
Pro-Series Kit:  The ultimate racing suspension setup, with the best of everything available.  For the hard core club racer or race winning pro team.  From bladed swaybars with optional cock pit adjustability, to our Pro-Series 4130 control arms, and JRZ double adjustable dampers with remote reservoirs, this kit does not cut any corners.  It provides full and easy adjustability, precision response, the highest performance and reliability, and race winning results.
Spec Racer Kit:  We also have the official complete Spec kits for SPB (Boxster), SPC (Cayman), & SP996.

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