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Thrust Arm Bushing Kit (ea), all 996/997/986/987/981/991/992/718



Replacing the flexible rubber thrust arm bushing with this solid design will significantly improve the handling and response from your Porsche 996/997/991/992, Boxster or Cayman suspension.

Eliminates unwanted caster changes in both front and rear suspension under acceleration and deceleration, with minimal effect on road noise transmissions into the cabin.

Our adjustable version (shown) allows for adjustment of additional caster as well.

Unlike the other designs on the market, our adjustable kit uses two additional bolts to provide the extra clamping force needed to prevent slipping under heavy loading.

Compatible with all stock lower control arms, as well as adjustable GT3 and Porsche Motorsport Cup arms.

A great improvement for street cars and a must for anyone taking their car to the track.

Each kit is for one control arm.  Four kits (2 front & 2 rear) required per car.

Also for all non GT fronts that have already been converted to two-piece GT arms.

Not for GT4 rear