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Titanium 911 Crankshaft Pulley

SKU: PM-033x-x


Upgrade to Your Porsche 911 Air Cooled Engine to the Lightest and Strongest Pulley Available.


  • 3D Scanned & CAD Designed Using Genuine Sample Steel Parts
  • CNC Machined in Aerospace Grade Titanium Ensuring High Strength and Precision
  • Timing Marks @ Z1, 5⁰, 30⁰, 35⁰ BTDC,

FE Marking is Suitable for MFI Pump Timing Applications, 120⁰ ( Z2 & Z3 ) Valve Timing Adjustment Marks also Included

  • Porsche Motorsports Hole Pattern Mimics Original Racing Parts
  • Reduces Rotating Mass and Engine Weight
  • Includes Proprietary Titanium Mounting Bolt Featuring Thread Locking Compound
  • Torque to 56 ft lbs (dry)