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Transmission & Engine Mount Insert Kit

SKU: FF.TMI.993.MT.70


The OEM engine mount was designed for ride comfort and is prone to sagging and tearing – above all, it is a detriment to performance.  Its empty voids allow for too much engine movement, resulting in sloppy handling, numbed responsiveness, and imprecise shifting.  Race cars utilize a solid metal mount to mediate this, which is impractical for sport use as it transfers extreme noise and vibration into the cabin.

So how do you achieve the benefits of a solid mount while retaining daily drivability?  These Function First manufactured urethane inserts offer a simple cost effective solution.  The durable urethane rubber insert simply slips into and fills and fortifies the empty voids of the OEM mount to prevent premature bushing wear and undesirable engine movement, all while transmitting minimal noise and vibration.

The result? Handling is taut and predictable; power delivery is immediate and smooth; gear changes are crisp and confident.  Just the right stiffness for hot sport to full track use.

Installation can be completed with basic hand tools in about one hour.  Pressing out the stock engine mount bushing is not necessary.