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SS Transmission Mount (pr), all 996 & 997 GT3/RS/TT/GT2

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These semi solid mounts offer more precise location than the soft factory mounts. The end result is a tighter feeling chassis, one with quicker left- right response, more predictable gear change precision and stability under braking. Available in 85A durometer (orange) for track use, or 60A (green) for street/sport use. Unlike the competition, our design includes a CNC machined core with a wide base. It simply presses into the factory aluminum bracket with a perfect fit. The wide core base provides greater stability against the transmission to eliminate the chance of breaking hardware and possible damage to transmission.  The precision fit eliminates any unwanted slop. It’s also designed to use the stock hardware, eliminating the need to find hardware to fit.

A joint effort between Tarett Engineering and Cantrell Motorsports, this is a truly engineered product and is far superior to any other transmission mount on the market.

 * Street or track compound available

* Reduces transmission movement under acceleration, braking, and hard cornering

* Aluminum sleeve like OEM, not steel like other brands

* Best price/best fitment and overall design on the market!

* Fits 996/997 GT2, GT3, all Turbo 996/997 (not C2 or C4)

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