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Turbo Clutch Slave Cylinder Upgrade Kit, 996 & 997

Tarett Engineering is proud to announce this new highly anticipated clutch slave cylinder conversion kit for the Porsche 996 and 997 Turbo, designed and manufactured by BBi Autosport. After successfully tested on both the streets and tacks for years now, the Clutch Slave Cylinder Conversion is finally available. The factory power-assisted clutch system has always been the Achilles heel for the Porsche 997 Turbo. Utilizing the power steering system to help reduce the force needed to depress the clutch pedal, it is a flawed design that delivers a mushy pedal feel with poor feedback, and is highly prone to failure. This system addresses both of those issues by eliminating the problematic factory power-assist system for improved reliability and pedal feed back.
Unlike other kits, this system is designed to be used with OEM clutch master cylinder, hose and spring pack. This eliminates the need for additional parts, making it a complete plug and paly solution. The other kits on the market simply adapt the factory 996 GT2 parts with aftermarket brackets and caps off the power steering pump with plugs. The BBi proprietary design of this kit does not plug the power steering pump because the plugs can fail. Instead, the power steering fluid is routed though the unit to simulate the factory system.  With the failure of the factory system inevitable, this is a must upgrade for the 996 and 997 Turbo to achieve the excellent pedal feedback and reliability similar to that of the Porsche 997 GT2 and GT3 without compromising drivability.  Kit comes complete with needed clutch pedal assist spring.
- Eliminates the problematic OEM power-assisted clutch slave cylinder for improved reliability
- Significantly improves the clutch feel and engagement
- Designed to be slightly softer than the factory 996 GT2 conversion  kit for excellent drivability
- Proprietary plug and play design
- Retains clutch master cylinder, hose, and spring pack
- Requires less installation time than other slave cylinder conversion m kits
- Does not adversely affect clutch life
- Precision CNC machined and hard anodized aluminum construction
- Hard anodized 7075 aluminum piston
- Designed for Porsche 996 and 997 Turbo