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MCS Performance Coil Over Kits

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Choose between the MCS One Way, Two Way, & Two Way w/Reservoir kits below. Also select the desired spring rates. Feel free to contact us at sales@tarett.com, for spring rate recommendations, or with any other questions.

We offer a broad range of motorsport damper systems that differ in the level of adjustability available to you at the turn of a knob. Our systems are nested into two families, non-remote & remote systems. The non-remote systems package easier while the remote systems introduce benefits that you will both feel and see in your data. All systems are built from the same materials, built to withstand extensive use in motorsport applications.

No matter which MCS system you choose, you can expect to achieve faster lap times, better tire wear, and a system that will grow with you as both driver and car progress. All MCS systems are completely serviceable and upgradable. We maintain a fully equipped service & repair department.

Upper mounts shown are optional and can be purchased separately. See below. We have chosen to include Swift Racing Springs with all our JRZ coil-over kits. Swift springs are well known for their linear and consistent spring rates, superior materials, and low un-sprung mass. All kits are designed for use with upper monoball mounts as shown. Some kits can be configured for OEM mounts if desired.

Kits available for all Porsche 996/997/991/986/987/981 & 718 models. 986 Spec kit, and 997 Spec kit also available.

Each kit comes complete with:

  • 2 Front Single or Double Adjustable Damper Assemblies
  • 2 Rear Single or Double Adjustable Damper Assemblies
  • 2 Front Main Springs (Custom Linear Rates)
  • 2 Rear Main Springs (Custom Linear Rates)
  • 4 Tender Springs
  • 2 Upper Front Spring Hats
  • 2 Upper Rear Spring Hats
  • 4 Lower Spring Seats
  • 4 Main/Tender Spring Spacers
  • 4 Quick Connects (on 2Way)

All 996 rear shocks include Tarett Engineering rear drop link brackets.
996/997 Turbo and C4 kits require our Extended Front Drop Links.
996 GT2 and GT3 and GT3RS kits can reuse the existing GT3 front drop link brackets, or our extended drop link design could be added.  Set up instructions here.