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Oil Sump Baffle Kit, 986/987/996/997

SKU: 997107243EBSRKx


Designed to fit all Boxster/996/997 M96/97 type engines, this new oil sump baffle expands on the factory X51 design and features all stainless construction with metal doors that will not distort or deteriorate over time.  This helps to ensure that more oil stays around the main oil pickup at all times.  The normal plastic baffle used in nearly all production Boxster/996/997 motors does not do a very good job when these cars are driven on the track.  The baffle that Porsche designed for use in the X51 motors is much better but the rubber material used for the doors tends to distort and come apart from heat and oil contamination.  Ours is quite similar to the Factory X51 but the construction is simplified (fewer parts to be assembled) and features all metal doors.  The kit includes the baffle, 3x 6mm bolts to attach the baffle to the customer's existing oil pan, blue Loctite for the 3x bolts and Loctite 5900 to seal the pan to the engine case.


  • All stainless construction, including all metal doors.
  • Fits all 986/987/996/997 M96/97 type engines 2009 or earlier.
  • Complete kit, including hardware and Loctite.
  • Will not fit on some cases from 2005.5 with large ribs