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Wevo Semi-Solid Engine/Trans Mount

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Using the proven components from the 911 SS Engine mounts, these Wevo Semi Solid Engine mounts are designed to replace all 1990 to 2013 engine mounts and all 986/987 transmission mounts.

These semi solid mounts offer more precise location than the factory RS mounts - and do so at a lower price.  An ideal compromise between the harshness of solid mounts and the cost of the factory RS mounts.
The end result is a tighter feeling chassis, one with quicker left- right response, more predictable gear change precision and stability under braking.  All with minimal increase in noise transmission.
The kit includes the correct M12 bolt to install these mounts as replacements for the Hyrdoelastic O.E. mounts (that uses an integral stud).

Sold as each - Two mounts required per car.  Spec Boxster legal.

Technical Note: The M12 bolt through the Engine or Transmission mount should be tightened to 40 ft/lbs or 55 Nm for the 993/964 & 986/987 mounts, and 60 ft/lbs or 83 Nm for the 996/997 mounts. The M8 hardware should be tightened to 18 ft/lbs or 25 Nm using the original arrangement of washer and nut.
Part #W997SSEM