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Lug Nuts (ea)

Description:   NASCAR Style Lug Nuts Manufactured by a leading supplier to the NASCAR industry, these are the strongest and longest lasting lug nuts available. Machined from high carbon steel and heat treated to a 35 Rc hardness. The custom...

Rod End Boot

Description: These rod end boots slip over the rod end to protect them by sealing out dirt and moisture.   The same boot fits, either a male or female application.   They come in two sizes: Small (S) or Large (L)     Size REBOOT-S will...

Nut Plate Adaptor (pr), Front Swaybar 911/912/930 (1974-89)

Description: Required for 914 without through-body front swaybar, and all 1974-1989 Porsche 911/912 & 930.

U-Bracket Adapter (pr), Front Swaybar 911/912/930 (1974-89)

Description: Required for 914 without through-body front swaybar, and all 1974-1989 911/912 & 930 Requires welding.

Wheel Spacers (pr)

Description: These are by far, the highest quality and lightest weight wheel spacers on the market.  Designed specifically to fit your Porsche, all sizes use a hub-centric design, accurately locating both the spacer and the wheel to the hub, for...

Adjustable Bump Steer Kit, 911/914

Description: Allows Tie Rods to be adjusted downward in extra precise 1/32” (1mm) increments,  taking advantage of a wider adjustment range than other kits on the market. Utilizes one of the highest quality alloy steel spherical rod ends available.  Teflon/Kevlar...

Spring Thrust Sheet Set, 2.25"

Description: An effective, low cost, highly reliable, and zero maintenance alternative to torrington bearings. The two ends of a compressing coil spring will rotate relative to each other.  Without a bearing surface allowing this rotation (or the steering motion on...

Valve Cover Gasket Set

Description: These are complete OEM gasket sets, to be used with our billet valve covers.  The lower set includes two gaskets, and the upper set includes six.

Swaybar & Drop Link Kit, Front RSR Style, 911/912/930/914 (1965-89)

Description: Building a vintage racer?  This is the perfect swaybar for your replica 911RSR, RS, ST, or any vintage racer.  They are the perfect combination of a vintage RSR looking design, combined with all the proven modern technology of our standard...

Precision Shift Coupler, 930/901/915/356

Description: This high quality, precision engineered coupler ends sloppy shifting caused by worn (and even new!) factory couplers. Fabricated to exacting tolerances, the SR010 provides a precision feel and allows for accurate shifting. No more missed shifts during the heat of...

Bump Steer Support (pr)

Description: Pair of lower double shear brackets (weld on) are optional for maximum strength. The ultimate in bump steer packages. This configuration is preferred by racers and those who have spindles raised above 28mm. 

Slider Nut (ea), 911 Swaybars

Description: By popular demand, we now have a slider adjustment nut option available for our 911 front and rear swaybar kits. These handy parts replace the nut and large washer used for attaching the drop links and adjusting swaybar stiffness....

Showing 1-12 of 79 items